Our Mission
To create an atmosphere that promotes community integration, lifelong learning, and living an independent lifestyle. So we work a little every day. Laugh a little every day. Sing and Dance a little every day. Help each other every day. Together all of our small parts become one voice, one mission, one community.
Who We Are
We feel that CARING FOR SOMEONE is more important than "taking care of someone," and have made it our mission to do just that. By joining forces and working together as a team, we build on the strengths of our members and coworkers. Together we help people with intellectual, physical and mental disabilities learn that EVERY goal in life is obtainable if you work towards it. For this purpose, we offer several program locations where individuals are trained for community employment and meaningful work at minimum wage or above, a bakery where they can learn parts of the trade, and a residence for those who may not have a place to call home.
About Turning Point
Turning Point Residential Inc. is owned and operated by sisters Kathy Phillips and Mary Kay Tusinac. Since the company's inception in April of 2001, Kathy and Mary Kay have focused on helping people with developmental disabilities and special needs. Turning Point Residential offers Supported Living, Community Living, Ohio Shared Living, Work Training, and Habilitation Services in Mahoning, Columbiana and Trumbull Counties. We are a pro-active and vibrant company, growing and changing to meet the needs of those we serve!
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