Crumbles Bakery Training Facility

Crumbles bakery Main Training Facility is staffed by adults who attend No Limits Alternative Center, Mahoning County. The program provides individuals with special needs the art of baking and the skills necessary to operate a food-based business. Under the direction of their job coach and mentor, this program provides individuals with special needs the skills and pride of baking, job training, and the ability to work independently. They learn skills from the day center and then come to Crumbles. It gives them a sense of pride and real-life experiences. They can go on to other jobs. Our workers do everything involved in running a business; baking, packing, cleaning, sales, and decorating; thus, allowing them to discover an area of interest. There’s nothing too big or too small. We try to find everyone’s niche. The key is to find everyone’s ability, not to focus on the disability. It’s more about what one can do to be successful and have a full life. It’s about being part of a business for experience and options. About 50 participants work in the bakery throughout the week for a limited number of hours. There is a morning and afternoon shift. They rotate all baking positions, trying each job station. At each job area, the individuals are split up into pairs to work in small groups or one on one with personnel. Everyone who is interested is included. It’s important for each individual to feel comfortable and confident in their job and performance. The bakery’s menu changes weekly, but specializes in cookies and muffins. Seasonal favorites are also made. Orders can be taken for cookies and muffins.