Trumbull County Alternative Center

No Limits Alternative Center

TJ Maxx: Our individuals go to TJ Maxx in Niles Monday-Friday from 9:30-11:30am. They work in the stock room, laying up clothes or working the line, organizing different items into bins. They also work on the sales floor, tidying up shelves to make things look neat. All this work is done with the supervision of a job coach.

Cleaning and Maintenance: This is their workshop. So, they do general cleaning of the day program everyday and outside when the weather permits. This provides skills for community employment as well as independence.

Clerical/Secretarial: We have some individuals who will answer the phone, fax, make copies and do a weekly newsletter.

Food Service: We provide hot lunches Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for $4. Our individuals will help prepare, serve, clean up and wash/put away dishes. This helps with day-to-day living skills along with community job skills.

No Limits Warren: We participate in many community outings such as mall walks, walks in local parks, swimming at the Jewish Community Center, festivals such as the Italian Fest, and historical places like the Arms Museum or the Stan Hywett museum in Akron. We’ve also been to the Cleveland/Akron Zoos and visit various food establishments monthly. We try to have at least one day trip a month to get everyone out and about in the community. Our group tries to interact with the other locations as well like attending the monthly DJ dances in Poland and having an annual basketball tournament with Salem.

Skills: Along with daily living skills or jobs, we also work on several skills that are included in their ISPs such as socialization, budgeting, or educational skills. Our new favorite thing to do weekly is a jeopardy game. We create the questions and the game board and race to get the question right. This helps their socialization skills as well as education. We try to make learning fun!