No Limits Alternative Center

Columbiana County

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Daily Clubs & Community Integration

Cleaning Crew: Daily jobs chose by each individual to help with employable skills and allows for hands-on learning!

Salem Community Center: Each individual has the opportunity to take part in exercise activities each Monday at the community Center!  Activities include swimming, basketball/volleyball, or walking/running on the indoor track!

GSC (Grocery Shoppers Club): This group does the weekly grocery shopping for No Limits. They have recently decided to begin weekly meetings to work on money skills, preparing grocery lists and recipes, and menus!

Sports Club: Each Wednesday this club meets to learn and play a sport/activity that is both fun and allows them to stay fit as well!

The Attic Job Crew:  This group of three is employed by The Attic here in Salem and does weekly miscellaneous cleaning!

Humane Society: Each week on Thursday a group of 3-4 individuals volunteers at the Humane Society of Columbiana. They help clean up fur, vacuum, sweep/mop, clean litter boxes, do dishes and help the cats to socialize well!

Book Club: Each month a new book is picked out by one individual to share with the rest of the group!  Meetings will be held every other week in our NEW Book Nook!

The Grub Hub: Three to four times a week we serve healthy hot lunches here at No Limits. Each lunch is prepared entirely by our individuals this allows us all to enhance our cooking skills!

Friday outings allow us to apply all of our skills that we work on each week while out in the community. While of course having fun at the same time!

Daily Schedule

9:00-9:30 Coffee & Morning Discussion

9:30-11:00 Warm-Up activities

11:00-12:00 Group Activity

11:30-12:30 Lunch and Leisure

12:30-2:30 Group Activity

2:30- 3:00 Wind Down activities

Coffee and Morning Discussion: Coffee and daily news available on our projector! Everyone has a chance to read and have a full update of our daily plan!

Warm-Up: Miscellaneous cognitive, social, creative activities and time for individualized skills.

Group Activities/Community Integration: Programs categorized by Cognitive, Community, Creative, Expressive, Grooming, Intergenerational, Physical, Social, Therapeutic, and Work/Service scopes

Wind Down: Miscellaneous small group activities, time to rest and relax

Schedule is flexible and subject to change depending on individual needs