Monday’s Lake Milton Activity

Dear Families,

I have had several questions today regarding safe swimming conditions on Monday at Lake Milton. I understand and appreciate your concerns but let me assure you, we have done this many times before and are aware of potential problems.

Before we head into the water, I check on the State of Ohio’s Beach Water Quality advisory website. It is updated daily and will alert you to any possible dangers. If you go to, and click on the blue banner, you will see any current advisories.  Today there are 18 advisories, most are on Lake Erie. There are none at Lake Milton.

You also have the option of going to the lake and NOT getting into the water. Craig Beach is handicapped accessible and offers lovely picnic area where we can sit and listen to the sea gulls and watch the waves roll by!

There will be NO cleaning crew at Market Street Crumbles or TJ Maxx work groups on Monday.  Crumbles Main Campus WILL be operating.