Welcome to 2020


Happy New Year Parents, Guardians and Care Givers!!

  Welcome to 2020.  I want to take a moment to review weather related closures and how our process works here at No Limits Alternative Center, and also to inform you about our webpage, policies regarding refunds, and what will be happening at No Limits in the next few months.


   No Limits is not required to close if it is very cold or there is snow on the ground.  The owners, Kathy and Mary Kay, decide whether to close or not after the bus drivers inform them about the road conditions.  If the owners decide to close, we immediately put it on the local television stations.  It is always your choice to stay home if that is best for you. There is no ‘penalty’ for missing a workday, we just ask that you call Britt at 330-881-5038 and report yourself off so she does not send the van. 


Our website is also a good resource for weather related closures. If you go to www.turningpointresidential.org you will see a blue banner in the bottom right hand corner that says “Sign Up’, which will get your phone registered to receive a text if we are closing, long before the TV stations get it posted.

Our website is a wonderful resource. If you sign up, you will get an email with a direct link to the latest updates including the weekly newsletter,  weekly blog(s), complete with photos of the latest activities, and browse the calendar.; if you do not want to sign up, you may still log on and  learn about what happens at this center including.

Click the top of the search bar on ‘calendar’ to see the day’s events and what’s for lunch. You could also:

  • Click on Newsletter  to see the most recent pictures of what we have been up to. It is so much fun to look through those pictures and enjoy the bright smiles.


   We try to refund when possible. If we are closed, and you miss a hot lunch that you paid for (or a swim), you may take a credit on your next month’s activity sheet.  If we were supposed to go OUT to lunch and you miss for some reason, your money will be refunded. For tickets that are non-refundable, (like the ballet) if you miss, you would just be out the money.

   If you buy a hot lunch here, the groceries have already been purchased, and you are absent, your lunch will be wrapped up and sent home with you, or offered during your lunch period the next day. If you are absent on a day when we order Take-Out, we generally cannot cancel the day of our order, so again, it will be wrapped up and refrigerated until you return. 


   You’ll notice that our community trips are fewer and closer to home in January and February. We don’t want to promise an activity and have to cancel due to bad road conditions. No Limits is still hosting yoga, art, the monthly dance, Coffee Club, Manicures, Music, Sports Club and other activities to keep everyone engaged and actively busy.  Spring will be here before we know it.


   Regarding our monthly calendars, Britt asks that you make sure the selection sheets are filled in completely and turned in on time.  The money MUST be in by the due date or unfortunately we will return your funds and disappoint you – which we don’t want to do. We need time to plan for activities, give the vendors a heads up that we are coming, determine the proper amount of staff and vehicles needed and get our money together. Unfortunately, we cannot do this with late entries.  Even after all this planning, we still have glitches.

   In closing, Britt, Angel, Tracey, and I will help you in any way that we can. You have simply to ask. We are here to serve you and we appreciate the trust you have placed in us.