Reporting Wages

Three Ways to Report Wages to the Social Security Administration

Here is some useful information that may help. There are three ways (That I know of!) to report your wages to the Social Security Administration. Everyone who earns a paycheck must do so.

One guardian I spoke to makes copies of her son’s weekly pay stubs and MAILS them to the local office once a month at:

Social Security

354 E. Federal Street

Youngstown, OH 44503

One mom I spoke to CALLS her sons wages in every month;

Social Security


The guardian or representative will need to give their name and Social Security Number, then follow the prompts and give your son or daughter’s name and SS #, and their gross income for the month. You can make this call before or after regular hours.  She said they will mail you a confirmation letter.

Lastly, I have a young lady who has the Social Security App.  The picture on the app says SSI and underneath says Report Wages.   
She said it is simple to use once you download it.

However, you choose to do it; you must report wages once a month.

Good Luck,