As we all await the Governors directives on Monday April 27. I want to let all No Limits Families and attendees know what we have done to prepare for continuing services. During the past weeks, we have been serving a small number of people that still wanted to attend. This successful small group service has helped us to plan for the time when we reopen our sites. This is what we have done and what will happen:

  • The entire building carpet, walls and contents have been sanitized and disinfected with R90 cleaner that kills the CO-VID virus. 
  • All rooms have been set up to have no more than 8 people with 1 or 2 staff depending on need. This set up will allow us to meet the Governors required mandate. Thus, providing the safest environment we can during these times.
  • We will take temperatures on everyone before they enter the building.
  • Hand washing is and will be a must several times per day.    
  • All surfaces have been and will continue to be sanitized multiple times throughout the day.  
  • Blue tape has been placed in hall way and rooms to show 6-foot space for people to stand and/or sit.
  • During lunch times we will stagger to maintain social distancing. We will need and appreciate full cooperation.

When you are ready and wanting to return please understand that things may seem different to ensure every one’s safety. No Limits goal is to have people start coming back when they are comfortable and we are following the guidelines by the state of Ohio. I can tell you all Day Programs will take a while to come back into full operation.

Currently those guidelines state we may provide services to people in groups of no more than 10 including staff in that number. Due to our unique separate room set up it will allow us to meet these guidelines easily.  The biggest adjustment will be social distancing and staggering lunch time. 

Please feel free to call me with any questions or concerns 330-506-3962. Remember the safety of those we love is what is most important.

Be on the lookout for a little surprise in your yard the end of next week.


Much Love,