Newsletter: August 10th-14th

Newsletter: August 10th-14th

Saturday, August 8th:


Shaker Woods Village located at 44337 County Line Road, Columbiana ,Ohio 44408.

The Open Air Market will be featuring more than 200 craftspeople in the country. Each craft person will be demonstrating and selling handmade ware.

Face masks will be required and social distancing of 6 feet.

Admission is $8 for adults; children ages12 and under are free. For more information: Website: or Phone: 330-482-0214

Monday, August 10th:

Game Day!

Folks will be gathering outside in small groups to participate in Corn hole, Frisbee, Kickball, and Croquet.

Happy Birthday Betsy!

Tuesday, August 11th:

Leslie will be joining us this morning for yoga.

Wednesday, August 12th:

We will visit our recently re-opened No Limits Bakery and Café. We offer a delicious variety of baked goods (Hand Iced Sugar Cookies, Brownie Bites, Cookies, Muffins, and Novelty Seasonal).

Large Cookies are $1.75. Packs of Cookies or Brownies begin at $4.00.

Thursday, August 13th:

Folks will be gathering in the gym in small groups to play a game of bingo at 10:00am.

Be creative!

Sandy will be joining us this afternoon for Art.

Friday, August 14th:

We will be ordering Take Out for lunch from Sweet Melissa’s.

Have A Great Weekend!