Newsletter: August 24th-28th

Newsletter: August 24th-28th

Monday, August 24th

Folks will be creative in making their own craft with peers.

Potato Art!

We will be harvesting our garden onions to make homemade Salsa.

Happy Birthday Eric P.!

Tuesday, August 25th

Leslie will be joining us this morning for Yoga.

Wednesday, August 26th

Do you enjoy making crafts as much as we do? Join
Karen to make a fall craft in small groups at 10:30 and 12:30pm.

Thursday, August 27th

Sandy will be joining us this afternoon for Art Class. I
wonder what magical creation we will make this time?!

Friday, August 28th

We will be ordering Take-Out for lunch from Subway.

Happy Birthday Nathan W.!

Saturday, August 29th

Live Stream Gala-Deyor Performing Arts Center, 7pm.
Join the host and Youngstown Symphony Orchestra conductor/music director
Randall Craig Fleischer for the first ever virtual performance, featuring musical
guests including, Dee snider, Jodi Benson, Chris Brubeck, Mairead Nesbitt, Phil
Keaggy, and more.

For more information:

Phone: 330-744-4269 or center

Happy Birthday Liz O. on August 23rd!

*Things to know: we take every opportunity to visit our local parks. We have
enjoyed Lynn Park, Fellows Gardens, Yellow Creek, Poland Woods, Mill Creek
and Boardman Parks this summer. As long as the weather remains beautiful, find
us at a walking trail near you!

We’ve got the moves!

Put your hands up! They’re playing my song! Butterflies fly away…

Hello to old friends!

Line dancing with Terrell and Sue was FUN!

This week marked the return of Music with Mr. Pat. We are so delighted to have this gift back!

What an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon! Music outside with Mr. Pat!

Boogie Down!