Newsletter: January 18th-22nd

The time is always right to do what is right.

-Martin Luther King Jr. 

Monday, January 18th

Remember that we are closed in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday.

Tuesday, January 19th

After having a long three day weekend, let’s get together with Leslie and stretch our bodies doing yoga!

Tony will be hosting a cooking class. Bring your apron and hairnet and let’s make some personal pan pizzas!

Happy Birthday Shanell T.! Another year Another Blessing!

Wednesday, January 20th

We will be stretching and relaxing our joints. Leslie will be joining us this morning for mat yoga.

Today’s Hot Lunch is a Ham and Cheese Wrap, enjoy it with Tortilla Chips, Fruit, and a Drink.

Folks will be gathering in the gym in small groups to watch Madagascar after lunch with friends. We will be selling popcorn for 0.25 and water & pop for $0.50.

Thursday, January 21st

On this cold wintry day, a small group will be joining Sheila in the kitchen to bake some delicious cookies, learning how to follow directions, measuring ingredients, and using the oven.

Friday, January 22nd

Drum On! Morgan and Tracey will be joining us this morning in the gym at 9:30am for Drum Circle. This is an ancient form of communication. Drum Circles were used to send a detailed messages from village to village much faster than a person could walk or ride a horse. Drum Circle helps build on a person’s sensory through sound and connects to all the parts of the brain. The connection within the brain integrates our experiences. This leads to a sense of self-awareness.

Keeping You Safe:

The Mahoning County Board of DD has just given us an Electro Static Sprayer to add another layer of protection to our buildings. We will be spraying/disinfecting our campus 2 times/week, after hours, to ensure we are killing any virus that may be present.

Sunday, January 24th

Happy Birthday Tim D.!

- Craft with Shanell -