Newsletter: March 1st-5th

Monday, March 1st

We will be starting the month of March off by playing our favorite board games. Whether it’s Monopoly, Sorry, Pictionary, or even Scrabble we will be having fun with our peers!

Happy Birthday Sarah K.!

Tuesday, March 2nd

Lose your mind and find your soul with Leslie in yoga.

Wednesday, March 3rd

Namaste, Leslie is joining us for round two of mat & chair yoga this week.

Thursday, March 4th

May the luck of the Irish always be with you! For those who signed up, Sheila will be doing a leprechaun craft for St. Patrick’s Day!

Friday, March 5th

Take-Out for lunch from everyone’s favorite burger founder, Dave Thomas – Wendy’s

**No Limits Cafe and Bakery has special St. Patrick’s Day sweets and treats. How does a chocolate / mint no bake cookie sound?  Or our famous cut-out cookies in a shamrock design?  Have a Wee Bit of Fun and stop by to see what’s in our case. Or call us at 330-301-2224 to place an order. Thank you for supporting our working individuals.**

March Madness: Wear your favorite College basketball team colors!

Elizabeth being creative while sip & painting!

Rosa Parks and how she changed history for the black women all over because “where” she had blacks and whites sitting next to each other on the bus. Thank you Kaster and crew for the info!

Nicky & Nichole doing their own thing while sip & painting, hey they’re smiling and having FUN, that’s what matters!

James being artistic at sip & paint with hand over hand assistance from his staff Shanell!

What does black history month mean to you? Sarah, Justin, Jacob , Brook, Kenny and staff telling us about Thurmond Marshall.

Ziara telling us about black history month!

Love is a wonderful thing!

Everyday Smiles!

Even though it’s been cold we are still warm, cozy, and HAPPY inside at No Limits!

“Z” showing her moves during ballet!

Marsha & Tim enjoying each others company & dancing!

Michael O. criss crossing at ballet!

Morgan and Ms. Sarah Bells getting down low for ballet!

February birthday dance celebration! Elizabeth, DD, & Justin having fun as usual!