Newsletter: June 27th-July 1st

Texas Roadhouse!

Regina & Amber!

Being Goofy!

Weekly Newsletter:

Sunday 6/26 – Happy birthday Amber, Nikki V, And Romann!
Monday 6/27 – This Morning we will go volunteer at the Ridge. Also today let’s take a nice summer walk at Fellows Riverside Gardens. The No Limits Chefs will serve ham, turkey & cheese Roll Ups with fresh fruit and a drink.
Tuesday 6/28 – Let inhale the positive and exhale the negative while doing Yoga with Leslie. This morning Angel & Natasha will be here to give manicures. After last week’s little scheduling problem. Lunch today is pizza Joe’s Subs with chips and drinks.
Wednesday 6/29 – We shall start our day relaxing our mind and stretching
our bodies during Yoga with Leslie. It is a bitter sweet day for us all here at No Limits because it is Gifty’s last day. Today Gifty is gifting everyone with lunch and we will enjoy lots of outdoor water games while celebrating with Gifty on her new life adventures. We will miss seeing your smiling face around here. Gifty, everyone here wants you to know we appreciate the laughter, care, and love you have shown us all. We can only hope we have
impacted your life with the same joy, love & happiness you have brought to ours. We all will miss you and wish you the best of luck. Remember to bring a set of extra clothes.
Thursday 6/30 – Today we will go to Handles for ice cream! Today’s lunch from No Limits Café and Bakery is Red, White, &  Blue salad served with roll, cupcake and a drink. If you have not stopped by to see all the beautiful changes being made at the Bakery and café you really should, It looks absolutely beautiful. Remember the lunches from the Café and Bakery are
not only available to us, but to the public all week. If you’re going out for lunch please consider going to The No Limits Café and Bakery.

Friday 7/1 – What better way to kick off the Fourth of July celebrations than having lunch at the Mission BBQ! Today is Sports club with Jordan and Artrel.
I am excited to announce it has been a successful week for fundraising here at No Limits. All of Jennifer’s hard work and dedication is really shining through. We thank you for all you do Jennifer. All together from the yard sale and Texas Road House, we raised $468.66! Thank you to everyone who came out to support us with these events. Your kindness and dedication does not go unnoticed and we appreciate the support you give with each and every fundraiser we have.
If you have not checked out the No Limits Facebook ,TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter pages, Jennifer has some great posts, pictures and videos.
Please like and share those posts. The more we share the more people we reach.
All of us here at No Limits wants to wish Kenny G ,Justin S , and John Michael the best of luck while competing in the state special Olympics!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I can’t wait to see you all Monday!