Community Inclusion

“Community Inclusion” is a term that means individuals being active in their neighborhoods [becoming a vital part of their communities]. TPR has created a new position, that being a Community Inclusion Coordinator (Activities Director), with Lakeisha Vaughn being appointed to that role. Since the beginning of November, Lakeisha has spent time interviewing individuals and staff to identify interests so that she may accordingly schedule appropriate events. A full calendar of events will be posted for January, with a long-term goal for all individuals to enjoy outings 1 to 2 times per month (minimum). In the past, transportation has proven an obstacle for community inclusion, especially for individuals dependent upon wheelchairs for mobility. But, TPR now has a Transit van with a rear lift that can accommodate any sized wheelchair. Further, all support staff have been instructed to get a copy of their drivers’ licenses on file so that they may be covered by the agency’s automobile insurance. With this coverage, support staff are authorized to use any of TPR’s vehicles which are available and may be reserved after workshop hours and on weekends. The simple act of going to a beauty shop to get a haircut is community inclusion.