Newsletter: March 22nd-26th

This week we will be shopping in small groups for sweets at our own No Limits Café!

Look next week for the April calendar!

Monday, March 22nd

In honor of National Goof Off Day, we are asking everyone to dress CRAZY. I’m suggesting mismatched clothing from stripes to polka dots, to 2 different socks, shoes, crazy hair, makeup, silly hat, jewelry, whatever floats your silly boat. Top 3 CRAZIEST dressed people will receive prizes.

Fitness in the gym with Anthony @ 9:30am.

Tuesday, March 23rd

Inhale the future and exhale the past, it’s time you relax by doing some yoga with Ms. Leslie.

For lunch we will be ordering pizza from Wedgewood.

Wednesday, March 24th

Leslie will be back for round 2 of mat & chair yoga this week.

Tony and the kitchen crew will be busy making a savory Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn, roll and drink for hot lunch.

Thursday, March 25th

National Waffle Day. Sheila will be in the kitchen from 8am-930am assisting everyone in making their choice of a delicious homemade Belgian waffle with either strawberry topping, blueberry topping, chocolate chips, or maybe some bananas!!

Ms. Sandy will be here in the afternoon with her creative ideas for art class.

Friday, March 26th

Take-out today from our local Italian joint, Antone’s.

In the afternoon we will end the week with a good old fashion game of kickball in the gym or outside (weather permitting).

Happy birthday Caroline!

Weekend Activity: Saturday, March 27th

YSU Football vs. University of North Dakota @ Stambaugh Stadium (577 Fifth Ave). Limited amount of tickets will be sold for $20 by calling (330)941-1978.

Elizabeth & the leprechaun giving off some luck for St.Patricks Day!

Time for music with Mr. Pat. Nicky deep in thought about what song he wants to sing next.

Nicole V. getting down during line dancing!

Jacob and the lucky leprechaun dancing and grooving to the tunes!

Larry & Tracey- Nothing but smiles!