Aha Moments

Aha Moments

In November, Kathy held a contest for all of the employees of Turning Point to write, in their own words, a moment that stood out for them while providing care. She didn’t care how ‘perfect’ the penmanship was or how fancy the words – she simply wanted to know what Aha Moment stood out for them. She took those entries to her friends at the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities; Director Jeff Davis, and Stacy Collins, and asked them to read the letters and pick their favorites. Jeff and stacy were overwhelmed with emotion after reading through them and offered the following names as their Top 4: Miranda Rolland, Kiki (Marqueatiuis),  Regina Smith, Lynn Rhodes.

The email reads as follows:


Such an absolute honor and pleasure to participate in the AHA letters. So very incredible and moving.

Jeff and I appreciated every moment of reading your team’s AHA moments and it was so difficult to choose just one.  

We decided to send you our top four and other entries that really stood out to us.

Top 4: Miranda Rolland, Kiki (Marqueatiuis),  Regina Smith, Lynn Rhodes

Incredible entries: Darlene E. Jackson, Chelsey Skalada, Charles Spain, and Terrall Smith

Thank you so very much for this opportunity. Please thank your team for sharing their AHA moments with us and for their work every day.

So very grateful,