Vocational Habilitation

Your service plan lists the things that you want help with so that you can live your life.

The services in a service plan might be things like,

  • Someone to help you cook
  • Someone to help you with your medication
  • Someone that drives you to work

One service you can list in your service plan is vocational habilitation. This is also called voc hab for short.

Voc Hab can help you learn work skills for a job in the community.

You may get paid or you may volunteer when you work through voc hab.

Vocational Habilitation can be things like:

  • Helping you learn to work with other people
  • Helping you make lists of work tasks
  • Helping you plan for when you get a job in the community
  • Helping you learn how to get to and from work
  • Voc Hab can provide someone to help you learn new work skills or get better at job tasks
  • If you would like to know more about vocational habilitation services, contact your Service and Support Administrator or your SSA