Adult Day Support (ADS)

An easy read guide

Your service plan lists the things that you want help with so that you can live your life.

The services in a service plan might be things like,

  • someone to help you cook
  • someone to help you with your medication
  • someone that drives you to work
  • can be a mix of all of the above.

One service you can list in your service plan is adult day support. This is sometimes called ADS.

ADS can help you go places or do things in the community that help you reach goals you set for yourself.

ADS helps you live the life you want by helping you set goals for yourself.

ADS helps you build connections in around the place where you live, or in your community.

That can be things like,

  • finding our what there is to do around you,
  • learning how to the places on your own,
  • finding our about the kind of jobs available near you,
  • learning where to find to do,
  • and how to meet new people.

While doing ADS you can also get help with personal care if you need it, like help going to the restroom or eating meals.

You can learn how to be a self-advocate through ADS. A self-advocate is someone who has learned,

  • how to say what then want of need,
  • how to set goals,
  • and how to make a plan to achieve their goals.

If you would like to know more about adult day support, contact your Service and Support Administrator or your SSA