Newsletter: February 1st-5th

February is Black History Month!

2021 Theme: The Black Family: Representation, Identity, & Diversity

Monday, February 1st:

“Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do. Not a punishment for what you ate.” – Gannon will be taking small groups walking at the Southern Park Mall.

Happy Birthday, Larry H!

Tuesday, February 2nd:


Quiet your mind & free your body with Leslie in yoga.

Wednesday, February 3rd:

Happy mind, happy life! Leslie will be back for round 2 this week of mat & chair yoga.

Bobby and the kitchen crew will be slowly simmering their pasta sauce until the perfect taste of Italian to go with their hot lunch of rigatoni & meatballs, garlic bread, fresh fruit and drink.

Thursday, February 4th:

Craftiness is happiness! Join Bambi in personalizing a picture frame of yourself that shows your inner spirit, energy, strength and emotions!

Friday, February 5th:

The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow. Start your Friday morning off in the gym with Fitness with Anthony.

Continue taking care of your body by choosing a healthy submarine sandwich (hot or cold) from Jersey Mikes for lunch.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend everybody!

*Weekend Community Activity: Saturday, February 6th:

Easy Street Productions hosts virtual online Juke Box Time Machine Workshop @ 10am.

The link for this event: Virtual Event URL: workshop/403205057594769/

Hiphop with Tracey:

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