Newsletter: February 8th-12th

Monday, February 8th

Being creative is not a hobby it’s a way of life. Start your day off with Karen and your creativity making a clothespin snowman which is also a magnet for the fridge!

Tuesday, February 9th

Namaste- Leslie will be here to relax your mind, body, and soul with Yoga.

Wednesday, February 10th

Just breath, Leslie will be returning this morning for more relaxing mat & chair yoga.

For lunch, Tony and crew will be perfecting their No Limits Meatloaf with all their secret herbs and spices served with mashed potatoes, fruit and drink.

Our favorite instructor Sandy will be here in the afternoon to lead our annual “Sip and Paint”. For those who choose to participate, they will be enjoying sparkling apple cider in-between painting and expressing whatever creative designs flows off their fingertips!

Thursday, February 11th

Celebrating Black history month today. In the morning we will be watching a movie called #42 with Jackie Robinson. He was the 1 st player to break the color barrier in baseball. In the afternoon we will join each other for presentations from each room about what Black History month means to them.

Friday, February 12th

We will be starting our day off will our love for one another by making Valentines.

Then for lunch we will support our local small business by purchasing take-out from Lavilla here in Struthers.

For dessert we have our choice of yummy baked goods from our own No Limits Cafe. Make sure you check us out on Facebook and place your own orders for Valentine’s Day. They have everyone’s favorite chocolate covered strawberries plus much more. Here’s the link:


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Weekend Activity: Saturday, February 13th

Virtual Live Music- The Berry’s @ Halliday’s Winery in Lake Milton, OH. 6pm-9pm. You can check it out online @ berrys/330930811315200/

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