Newsletter: April 19th-23rd

Monday, April 19th

At 9:30am we will start our week off with exercise in the gym lead by Jordan.

Tony will be in the kitchen teaching Cooking with Independence with our soon-to-be Chefs.

Tuesday, April 20th

You can’t stop the waves but you can learn how to surf. Ms. Leslie will be here making her own waves and showing others how to surf with Yoga.

Wednesday, April 21st

Quiet the mind and the soul will speak. Ms Leslie is back for round two of mat & chair Yoga helping everyone’s soul to speak.

Tony and the kitchen crew will be serving up a hot lunch of sloppy joes, macaroni n cheese, & fresh fruit.

After lunch, those who signed up will be browsing and shopping for their favorite fruits & veggies, antiques, and personal goods @ the Four Seasons Flea Market.

Thursday, April 22nd

Art is the loudest silence, scream quietly. Ms Sandy will be here being loud with her creativity and helping others explore theirs.

Friday, April 23rd

Eat fresh for take-out lunch from our local Subway.

Garden club will be outside doing their thing making our campus a little green if you know what I mean!

Weekend Activity: Saturday, April 24th, 2021 @7:30pm-9pm, FREE of charge

Festival of New Work University Theatre: A celebration of original student work in film, playwriting, choreography, puppetry and devised performance.

Youngstown State University
1 University Plaza

Event contact phone number: (330)941-2307

Sunday, April 25th

Happy Birthday, Bambi B.!

Larry H. clapping his hands to the song with Tracey!

Nate S. and Nicky V. enjoying each other’s company at the April birthday dance celebration!

Harriette & Justin swinging away!

Terry with his lifetime friend, Sarah, relaxing and soaking up some fun in the sun!

Kenny G., Jacob T., & Brook G. having a ball @ Mauthe park on the Teeter-totter!

Andrew L. cheesing for the camera!