Newsletter: April 26th-30th

This week’s newsletter will be a little different because it’s from Betsy.

I have some updates to share with you.

Beginning the first of May we will have both buildings eating together in the gym again. We think it’s safe to do so, because almost everyone has been vaccinated. With the warmer temperatures we can open the windows and doors for better fresh air flow. Our cleaning and disinfecting practices are all still in place. We are dedicated to keeping Covid out of our buildings! We are offering a small change in May as far as Tuesday lunch choices. We will continue with Pizza from Wedgewood, Pop and Chips on two of the Tuesdays. The other two Tuesdays you can try a Stromboli from Pizza Joe’s and a pasta special from Belleria. We are adding Take Out on the last Thursday of the month.

Crumbles Bakery & Café has some news. Beginning the week of May 3rd they will offer a ‘weekly lunch special’. Any day during the first week of May you can buy a chicken salad croissant and cup of broccoli, carrot, raisin salad for $8.00. The Café’ will be sending out flyers, or you can simply bring $8.00 with you to work and walk up to the bakery to buy a sandwich and side dish.

They are open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Stop in, and check out their Facebook page to see the lovely treats they are making for Mother’s Day. 330-301-2224.

I was just informed by the SSA’s that they are allowed to come back to day program for face-to-face visits. We expect to see many of the faces we haven’t seen (except via Zoom) since last March. This may mean that ISP meetings are moving back to in-person rather than virtual.

We have a new employee by the name of Marianne. She comes to us with a lot of experience driving bus for Mahoning County Board of DD. She is full of energy and enthusiasm, and we look forward to working with her.

Karen’s husband, Lee, made us bird feeders that we have been painting and decorating. This week we will fill them with seed and hang them outside to enjoy their beauty and the birds that they bring to our campus.

Monday, April 26th

We will NOT be bowling today because Camelot Lanes already has leagues from Boardman Schools on Mondays. We ARE going bowling on Wednesday.

Tuesday, April 27th

Leslie will be here helping us stretch and relax.

Wednesday, April 28th

Leslie will be here in the morning for yoga classes.

Hot lunch today is Chicken Stir-Fry and egg rolls.

We are going bowling after lunch.

You are welcome to bring your own bowling shoes, but you CANNOT bring a bowling ball on the bus, you must use the alley’s balls. We will bowl one game and be back to No Limits for bus times.

Thursday, April 29th

We’ll enjoy music with Mr. Pat in the afternoon.

Friday, April 30th

Take Out lunch today is from Arby’s.

Our Garden Club is enjoying their success – most of the seeds we started in March are now seedlings and almost ready to transfer outside.

And just like that, April is over!

May calendars will be distributed early next week.

Have a wonderful weekend.