Newsletter: May 3rd-7th

Hello, it’s Betsy again. I have more updates to share with you. This week Governor DeWine announced an addendum to the social distancing order that does not require people who are fully vaccinated to quarantine after exposure to someone with COVID-19. However, if you are showing signs or symptoms of Covid, please stay home and get tested, as you can still get Covid even after being vaccinated.

Beginning Monday, you can buy a chicken salad croissant and a side of broccoli, carrot, raisin salad and dill pickle for $8.00 from No Limits Bakery & Café. This is available any day next week.

The Café is open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Check out their Facebook page to see the lovely treats they are making for Mother’s Day. 330-301-2224.

Monday, May 3rd:

Your May activity and lunch money and reservations are due today.

Click here for the May calendar and activity forms: May 2021 calendar

We will be playing B I N G O this morning.

Tuesday, May 4th:

Leslie will be here helping us stretch and relax.

Tony will be leading a group in a cooking class.

We are trying Pizza Joe’s Stromboli today as a small change to our Pizza Tuesdays.

Wednesday, May 5th:

Happy Birthday Brittney B.!

Leslie will be here for more yoga classes and if weather permits, we will head to the Flea Market after lunch. This was postponed from April due to bad weather (SNOW actually!)

Thursday, May 6th:

Sandy will be with us leading another remarkable art class.

Good news: The Canfield Fair will take place this summer, so we will be able to submit pieces of art, with the opportunity to win ribbons!

Friday, May 7th:

Take Out lunch today is from LaVilla, followed by a game of Kick Ball to end our week.

As a side note, we want to say good-bye to Daniel, and wish him and his family good luck as they move to the Akron area. It has been our pleasure to work with you.